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Message From the Principal

January 22, 2021

Dear Abington Middle School Families,

It is anticipated that AMS students will return to the hybrid model and begin synchronous classroom learning for students who are home on their remote learning days beginning Monday, January 25, 2021.

This means:

  • The Green cohort will return to in-person instruction on Monday January 25th and Tuesday January 26th. They will virtually attend and interact with teachers during each scheduled class on Thursday January 28th and Friday January 29th.
  • Wednesday schedules for Abington Middle School students will remain unchanged.

The information below is intended to clarify the daily expectations for students and the schedules students will be asked to follow while learning remotely on hybrid remote days.  

Requirements for Students

  • Remote students will be required to log into their homerooms at 7:50 A.M. via Microsoft Teams. 
  • Students will be required to log into all scheduled classes using Microsoft Teams at the beginning of each period.   
  • Student cameras must remain on during synchronous instruction but may be off during independent work times. 
  • All Teams links will be provided through teacher Canvas pages. 
  • Students should remain logged in and engaged during the entirety of the instructional period, following teacher directions.   
  • Students at school and at home will be experiencing the same lessons simultaneously, so it is important that students attending virtually enter each period on time and ready for instruction.   

Student Schedules

  • All Abington Middle School students will follow their in-person schedule during remote days. The bell schedule is included below and will provide period start and end times.  
  • Three student lunches are held during period 5. Period five teachers will provide students with their lunch times.  
  • Grades 5-6 teachers will provide students with adjusted start and end times for ELA and Math classes and mask breaks. These adjusted times allow for longer ELA and Mathematics blocks. 
  • When students in school have mask breaks, students at home are not required to be online and are encouraged to take a screen-time break.  


7:50 - 7:58 HOMEROOM

8:00 - 8:41 PERIOD 1

8:43 - 9:24 PERIOD 2

9:24 - 9:44 GRADE 7 & 8 MASK BREAK 1

9:46 - 10:27 PERIOD 3

10:29 - 11:10 PERIOD 4

11:12 - 12:40 PERIOD 5 & LUNCH

12:42 - 1:23 PERIOD 6

1:23 - 1:38 GRADE 7 & 8 MASK BREAK 2

1:40 - 2:22 PERIOD 7

I believe that this will provide our students with a better connection to classroom learning during their hybrid remote days. Thank you for the patience you have shown during our previous transitions. Once again, I am asking for your patience as teachers adjust classroom practices to this new, synchronous live-streaming model. 

Thank you,  

Matthew MacCurtian 


Student/Parent usernames and passwords are the same as last year. These usernames/passwords are also the same that students use to log in to their laptops.

Work Hard
Accept Responsibility
Value Diversity
Embrace Challenges

W.A.V.E. was developed by a committee of teachers and students over the past school year, and will become the driving principles that help make Abington Middle School a great place to learn and grow.