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Message from the Principal

January 15, 2021
Good Afternoon Parents and Families of Abington High School,
As you may have heard from the superintendent recently, Abington High School, along with all of the Abington Public Schools, will be changing our delivery of instruction for remote students starting on Tuesday, January 19, 2021. I had the opportunity to address the student body on Tuesday and Friday this week to share expectations and changes for students. Since we continue to rely heavily on our productive partnerships with parents and families for student success, I want to share some the changes and expectations with parents in one resource.  
The most notable change in instruction is that students who are at home during remote instruction days will be expected to log on to their classes via Microsoft Teams to participate in live instruction with their classroom teachers. On Tuesday, January 19, 2021, for example, our teachers will have a group of Green Cohort students present in the building, while Wave Cohort students will log into Microsoft Teams from home to participate in the lesson. These classes are required! 
Please review the information below to assist in the productive delivery of this instructional model.
*Remote Learning Expectations for Students -  When students are participating remotely for classes, they should give themselves the benefit of being fully engaged in their classes, as the remote classes are required, and not optional. *We recommend that students:
**Keep their cameras on during lessons, especially at the opening and closing of classes, generally the first and last 20 minutes of a class.
**Be prepared to participate in their classes with their microphones or chat features for the entire class period.
**Teachers will make reasonable efforts to connect with students at home via Teams, however their primary focus will be on the students present in the building. 
**Keep their phone or other devices off and away during instruction.
**Select an area of their home free from distractions.
Some items to note from our teachers:
*Teachers will make reasonable efforts to connect with students at home via Teams, however their primary focus will be on the students present in the building. 
*Teachers may inform students at home when they can turn their cameras           off for self-guided work.
Work Schedules - Some students may have picked up shifts at work during their remote days, and they would need to change their work schedules to allow them to attend their classes both in person and while remote. We are happy to help students communicate with their employers to share the importance of students attending their classes. 
Quarantined Students - A feature of this change in format is that Quarantined students will be able to participate in the natural flow and cadence of their classes while they are unable to attend their in-person instruction days. 
Attendance – Student attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class. A teacher may also take attendance at the end of the class to check on student attendance and participation. This change is not designed nor intended to allow students to stay home on remote days. If a parent decides to keep their child home on an in-person day, the parent must communicate their child’s absence to the school for each of those days. 
We recognize that this year has been challenging and new, and any changes, even ones that we hope creates a better learning experience for all our students, comes with setbacks and changes in routines. We are grateful to our students and parents who are cooperating with us to make these changes in the face of a pandemic reaching its one-year anniversary. Please reach out to us at the school if we can provide assistance – I am confident that the Abington High School learning community is a great team that can make this work. 
Jonathan Bourn, Principal


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