Message from the Superintendent

January 2, 2022


Dear Abington Parent/Caregiver:


I am writing to inform you that from January 15, 2022, through today, seventeen individuals from Abington High School, eleven individuals from the Abington Middle School, eight individuals from the Woodsdale Elementary School, and twenty four individuals from the Beaver Brook Elementary School have tested positive for COVID-19. We are continuing to follow all Department of Health protocols, including collaborating with the Abington Health Director to complete contact tracing.


Keeping your students safe and in school is our top priority. Thus, in accordance with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the Department of Public Health (DPH), our district is updating our COVID-19 Testing Program, effective in early February. We are opting into the highly recommended at-home testing program that will increase testing of participating students and staff, regardless of vaccination status. For more information about this update to the statewide testing program, please click here.


In addition to this new at-home antigen test option, we will continue with symptomatic testing during the week. Once the at home testing program begins, we will be discontinuing Test and Stay and contact tracing for in-school close contacts. This means that if your child is a potential contact in school, they may continue to come to school and do not have to quarantine. In a very small percentage of cases, our school nurses, in conjunction with the administrative team, may choose to recommend in school testing for close contacts.


This new at-home testing opportunity is voluntary and only those who opt-in will receive tests. 

Early next week you will receive an email with more information and a link to opt-in if you wish to participate.


We will continue to adhere to all safety measures. We are grateful to our families for the continued efforts to keep students home at the first sign of symptoms.

 The Abington Public Schools’ COVID Dashboard, which is published on our website, is being updated weekly. It can be found using the following link:


Thank you,

Peter Schafer

Superintendent of Schools


Everyone is encouraged to get vaccinated. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is an important step to prevent getting sick with COVID-19 and getting vaccinated will help protect you and those around you.

Our nurses have been collecting information on vaccinated students and staff and reviewing data to determine our vaccination rate. because we have not attained an 80% vaccination rate, we are unable to consider lifting the mask requirement in any of our schools.

We will continue to adhere to all safety measures. We are grateful to our families for the continued efforts to keep students home at the first sign of symptoms.                         

Additional information on the update to the Massachusetts masking regulation for schools can be found here:

The district calendar for the school year 2021-2022 may be found at this link: APS District Calendar...


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