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BBES Upcoming Events
BBES Upcoming Events
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New K-4 Report Cards
In September 2019, teams were formed at both Beaver Brook and Woodsdale to collaborate on the creation of a K-4 report card that is more reflective of the content students are learning in our classrooms.
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Online Learning Guides
Please see the following links for training guides for students and families on navigating the various learning technologies
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BBES Medication Drop-Off Information
Please click here for information and forms regarding medication drop-off
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Message from the Principal


Dear BBES Families, 

As you read in our Superintendent’s message on 1/11/21, as a District we are undergoing a shift in the way our students will access their classrooms remotely. Beginning January 19th, K-12 students on their remote-hybrid days will be tuning in throughout the day to follow live classroom instruction via Microsoft Teams.

With this shift comes several adjustments to the schedules and practices we’ve been using thus far. Students will no longer meet with paraprofessionals for morning or mid-day check-ins. Rather, they will have the opportunity to interact with their teachers during each instructional period. We will also be making changes to the way asynchronous work was used during students off-campus days. Instead, students will be doing independent work that aligns with the live teaching and learning happening in their classroom. Please note that teachers will not necessarily be visible during the entire time a student is logged in for a learning period. Instead, there will be preset times when the teacher will deliver instruction, check-in, and summarize the lesson with the students at home and in-school during each learning period.

To get the most out of this new experience, the expectations we have for students’ participation will increase. Students are required to attend the live teaching and learning happening in their classrooms, and attendance will be taken within each learning period. As always, please contact your child’s teacher with any unique challenges this may present for your family so that we might collaborate flexibly on a resolution.  Classroom teachers will also be reviewing expectations for remote learners that include appropriate ways to utilize the chat feature within lessons, use of cameras during lessons, and ways in which students can appropriately interact with their teacher and peers.

As with any new venture, we ask for your patience as we undergo some growing pains. This will take time and we will improve our practices as we move forward together.  Please expect that there will be technology glitches occasionally on your end and the school’s side that prevent live streaming from working properly. When that happens, students may read or practice math facts independently offline.  If technology issues persist, you may contact your internet service provider or our IT department at

Our mantra as a staff this year is “progress, not perfection”.  Staff are once again preparing new ways to teach and engage both in-person and remote students. I am confident we will see the benefit of this new structure in time; however, the shift requires significant change on the part of our hard-working educators. I know they are up to the challenge, and I am excited to see this begin on 1/19/21 and evolve in the coming weeks.


This shift has come with short notice to school communities across the State due to the recent change in State regulations. Our staff is currently working out the details of how this will look in each classroom. Please be patient as this is a work in progress.  You will receive specific scheduling information from your child’s teacher shortly.  Please feel free to reach out with questions, concerns, or to discuss specific needs. Although this will be an especially challenging shift for our K-2 students, staff, and families, we will be on the journey together.

Be well ~ Dr. Basta

**Kindergarten registration for the 2021-2022 school year will be ongoing from now until March 5th. Please click on the "Kindergarten" tab on the left of this page to learn more and download necessary forms - packets will also be mailed home shortly.

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Beaver Brook Elementary school hours are 9:00 am to 3:05 pm.
Arrival and dismissal times are as follows due to COVID-19 restrictions:
Arrival by car:  
2nd Grade - 8:45
1st Grade - 8:50
Kindergarten - 9:00
Dismissal by car:
2nd Grade - 2:45
1st Grade - 2:50
Kindergarten - 3:00

Behavior Reminders: 
Expected Behavior for Recess
Expected Behavior for Lunch