AHS Mission Statement

ahs graduate

Vision of the Graduate:

AHS Mission Statement


Critical thinker 

Proficiency- I can: 

Seek new knowledge without support 

Gather information from a range of perspectives 

Reason through and weigh evidence before making a decision 

Demonstrate an open-minded thought process 

Construct arguments and articulate my own conclusions 

Engaged Participant 

Proficiency- I can: 

Seek new knowledge 

Collaborate towards personal and common goals 

Use feedback to adjust my behavior 

Express my thoughts, ideas, and emotions meaningfully and creatively 

Actively contribute to school community 

Advocate for myself and others 

Persevere through daily tasks  

Socially Competent Contributor 

Proficiency- I can: 

Exhibit tolerance and empathy 

Learn about and value cultural differences 

Advocate for needs beyond myself 

Be physically and intellectually present in daily interactions 

Successfully navigate social situations 

Build and maintain healthy relationships 

Use technology to learn and share ideas 

Self-Aware Individual 

Proficiency- I can: 

Prioritize tasks and manage time effectively 

Make and model healthy lifestyle choices 

Manage Stress and persevere through obstacles 

Bounce back from setbacks and use self-reflection and feedback from others to improve myself 

Advocate for my self 

Evaluate opportunity and take intellectual risks