Central Office Staff

Abington Public Schools
Administration Office
1071 Washington St.
Abington, MA 02351.

Superintendent of Schools
Peter Schafer
Phone: 781-982-2150
Fax: 781-506-9651
Email: peterschafer@abingtonps.org

Administrative Assistant
Theresa Minnehan
Phone: 781-982-2150
Email: theresaminnehan@abingtonps.org

Clerical Support (PT)
Cheryl Doherty
Email: cheryldoherty@abingtonps.org

Assistant Superintendent
Felicia Moschella, Ph.D.
Phone: 781-982-2150
Email: feliciamoschella@abingtonps.org

Human Resources
Lynette MacNeil
Email: lynettemacneil@abingtonps.org

Accounts Payable
Sarah Gainey
Email: sarahgainey@abingtonps.org

Director of Student Services
James Robbins, Ed.D.
Phone: 781-982-2175
Email: jamesrobbins@abingtonps.org

Student Services Administrative Assistant
Deb Keough
Phone: 781-982-2175
Email: debrakeough@abingtonps.org

Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Shari Fedorowicz, Ph.D.
Email: sharlenefedorowicz@abingtonps.org

Director of Technology
Rich Bykowski
Email:  richbykowski@abingtonps.org

Records Access Officer: Superintendent of Schools, Peter Schafer

Equal Opportunity Statement: The Abington Public School System is committed to ensuring that all of its programs and facilities are accessible to all members of the public. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, homelessness, national origin, race, religion, sex, gender identity or sexual orientation. The contents of all publications are available upon request in languages other than English.