Dear Abington Families,
I know there are many questions about the opening of school. Specific details have been delayed because virtual students needed to be removed from classes, cohort changes considered and then assignments and schedules are made. Thank you for your patience. Below please find the following outline of events and schedule for the release of information to you:
  • Thursday, September 10: Student schedules and assignments should be ready and sent to families.
  • Thursday, September 10: Bus tags will be mailed to families.
  • Thursday, September 10: High School Freshman & New Student Orientation 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm (Students signed up online; this is by appointment only)
  • Tuesday, September 15: A grades K-6 remote Open House will occur via an email invitation. This will not be live. Families will be able to access when their schedule permits and review the segments as many times as wanted. Students will receive an introduction and welcome from their teacher, principal and others. A library of online tools and tutorials to help families will be highlighted.
Things have been continually changing for all of us since the pandemic began. As a result, this year will look very different than any other year in the history of American public education. However, our commitment to the students has never and will never change. We work to do what is best for children.
I know that our families want to be best prepared for the opening. Please remember the opening days, and even weeks, of school will be an adjustment period for everyone- this will feel messy, we will all make mistakes, fix them, and move forward. In the face of all the challenges, I have been proud of the work the faculty and staff have been doing to prepare to continue with our mission. We could not have a better team in place to welcome back the students of Abington.
I hope this message finds everyone safe and well.
Peter Schafer
Superintendent of Schools