MCAS begins 4/5
To the Woodsdale Community:
Our MCAS testing sessions kick off tomorrow, with three of our Grade 3 homerooms beginning their English Language Arts testing. I'm encouraged by the efforts and preparation we have seen so far. As you may know, all of the students at the Woodsdale School will be participating in computer-based testing. Our students have had several tutorials to familiarize themselves with the TestNav platform and have been working with the updated MCAS rubrics for several months. 
We are committed to providing secure, quiet, focused testing environments for all of our students and will be monitoring our sessions closely, using designated staff to do so. We want all of our students to be afforded the opportunity to work their hardest on what is sure to be a challenging task.
Parents can help students prepare for their sessions by sharing messages of positivity. What is most important is effective effort throughout each session. Our message of high-expectations we often relay to students is: "this is important, you can do this, we'll support you and won't give up". A good night's rest combined with a message of support and positivity will set our students up nicely for their day. Their feelings of anxiousness and/or excitement are totally normal, and we'll do our best to coach our students through them each morning as they prepare for their sessions.
We're looking forward to seeing what our students can do to show the knowledge they've acquired throughout this year!
Jonathan Hawes