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Grades: 3-4      Hours: 8:40 AM - 2:45 PM

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Woodsdale Virtual PTO Meeting
PTO Meeting 9/30 @ 7PM
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Entrances to Woodsdale
AM Entrances
To the Woodsdale School community, 
In anticipation of tomorrow's first day of school, please see the following guide for classroom locations and entrances to the building.
Students in first floor classrooms (Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Eddy, Mrs. Dailey, Ms. Patterson) should use the bus port entrance for the quickest route to their classroom. 
Students in upstairs classrooms (Mrs. Stavropoulos, Mrs. Kelly, Ms. Lennon, Ms. Kelleher, Ms. Glynn, Ms. Widmann, Mrs. Yarasitis) should use the main entrance for the quickest route to their classroom. 
Woodsdale Welcome Please click here for the Woodsdale welcome letter and videos...

Message from the Principal

Dear Woodsdale Families,

Thanks for your feedback regarding our opening
days, it has been much appreciated. We are
working hard to support your students in both
their in-person and remote learning and we
shall continue to advance the rigor and
expectations as we go (we are still in the
first cycle for each cohort).

There are always going to be
frustrations with new processes, but
this year requires us to be focused
on the long-term result. We are
building skills and capacities that are
going to be utilized throughout
the year, and possibly in a fully 
remote environment.
It is necessary to stay the course
and work through frustrations rather
than making accommodations in
the short-term that limit our students’
ability to do work independently and
apply what they know through
remote means.

We shall be increasing the workload
we seek from students each week...
and next week is another test
of their skills. Let us push them.
It may be a struggle,
but good things come from struggle.

Mr. Hawes

  Parent Information- WES 2020-21 School Year