Career Week Career Week is here!

Volunteers are visiting each classroom 4 of the 5 days next week to talk about their careers, the impact it has on our community, and the steps they needed to take to get themselves to the place they are. The careers and occupations our students will hear about are so exciting: Curry College Admissions and Continuing Education representatives, veterinarian, payroll/HR , Dept. of Public Works, Plymouth County Sherrif's Dept, MA State Trooper, marketing & outreach, Google project manager, certified public accountant, Abington Town Librarian, NICUfeeding therapist, VP of Marketing (Eastern Insurance), Superintendent, guidance counselor, physical therapist, culinary director, operating room nurse, realtor, lawyer, Head of Accounting (JP Morgan), Assistant Superintendent (Special Education & Pupil Services), ICUnurse I'm sure our students will be buzzing about this exciting event throughout the week !