Sophomores will take the English Language Arts MCAS on March 27th, March 28th and March 29th.  School attendance on these days is crucial.  Make-up dates are minimal and prescribed by the state.  All students must take and pass the English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science MCAS tests in order to earn a high school diploma in Massachusetts.  We recommend that you discuss the behaviors below with your child regarding their responsibilities during MCAS testing which will invalidate a test.

  • duplicating any portion of the test or answer booklets (e.g., photocopying, copying)
  • accessing prohibited materials such ass cell phones or other electronic devices (e.g., music players, game consoles, any  device capable of taking photographs) for any purpose
  • consulting notes, books, or instructional materials during testing
  • working in a session other than the one being administered, looking at questions or tests pages beyond the stop sign, or going back to a previous session
  • damaging test materials or removing any part of them from the testing room
  • discussing the content of test booklets or responses to questions with anyone, including teachers