CLASS ELECTIONS: The election results are in and the following students have been voted into class office. 
Class of 2020
· President- Daisy Littlefield
· Vice President- Colby Chryssicas
· Secretary- Mikayla Littman
· Treasurer- Lauren Keleher
Class of 2021
· President- Rachel Barrett
· Vice President- Isabella O’Connell
· Secretary- Carly Mentis
· Treasurer- Gracie O’Connell
· School Council Representative- Brendan Remillard
· AEA Representative- Brendan Remillard
Class of 2022
· President- Julia Wedge
· Vice President- Sarah Naidjate
· Secretary- Faith Ryan
· Treasurer- Elizabeth Campbell
Class of 2023
· President- Emma O’Neill
· Vice President- Cameron Testa
· Secretary- Sophie Giller
· Treasurer- Rachel Santosuosso
Student Council Representatives
 2020: Cam Curney; Rohith Ghose; Sam Johnson; Lauren Keleher; Liberty Woods
 2021: Erin Doherty; Gracie O’Connell; Isabella O’Connell; Maura Odell; Brendan Remillard
 2022: Shane Brady; Faith Ryan; Maria Wood
 2023: Jennifer Scofano