Grade 5
• I feel a lot safer about ALICE. It’s important to have this drill so that our school is safe.
• I felt safer knowing that people are there for the kids and knowing that we will be safe.
• I realized how many things you could have used to counter a dangerous person.
• My understanding of ALICE was good because my teacher demonstrated to show us everything.
• All of our questions were answered, and the teachers knew most of the answers leading me to believe they had proper-training. • I feel safer knowing we have a first aid bag in our classroom.
• I also learned we have lots of counter items that can be used to barricade.
• I felt good because I saw more things that I could do to stay safe. • I feel safe and because I learned a lot of stuff about ALICE training

Grade 6
• Barricade makes me feel:
• Safer
• Protected
• I have enough time to get to safety
• More calm
• A sense of comfort
• Protected
• All in all, the barricade makes me feel like I am safe and have enough time to get to safety.
• When we were doing the ALICE training, I was learning a lot. When we actually started to build the barricade, I was getting to learn the materials that are the best to use in case of an emergency.
• Seeing what the barricade is going to look like when we do it in real life is making me feel safer.
• Making the barricade made me feel safer knowing that my class knows what to do and that we can do all the procedures. Also, knowing that we can do it, we can use the knowledge in other public places if that were to happen.
• I felt safe knowing that we know how to build a barricade and that the school has a plan for emergencies. It felt good knowing that we will know what to do in a real-life emergency.
• Building a barricade made me feel safer. It’s better to know how to do it and know all the steps. Going over it with your teacher also makes you feel safer and hearing a teacher’s input helps, too.
• Students were confident when building the barricade. When we built it, we all felt safer than we did earlier because now we know how to do it. Also, the teacher helped with people not making it stable.

Grade 7
• I feel way more comfortable with practicing the ALICE training after going over it with my homeroom teacher. There were at least like 12 kids in the back doing nothing and I don’t know if they were nervous or scared but we all got through it. The help of the other classmates wasn’t there but we still got a decent barricade. In my opinion if we had a belt it would have been a tighter and sturdier lock.
• I feel like the students worked together very well. We also learned a lot. It is reassuring knowing that we have a plan if something like this ever were to happen.
• We did do well making a barricade and we could have done better. But this practice made our vision of a barricade more real.
• I feel that everyone in the school is more aware of the situation and what to do in a situation like this today and for the rest of their lives.
• After the lesson I feel a lot more relaxed and now know that I have a choice in what I can do.

Grade 8
• I feel like that if there was to be a situation to happen that everyone would be more comfortable and readier. My teacher reminded us that we are a team and if something were to happen in our school, we all needed to be there for one another. We are one school and we have to look out for each other.
• I felt good. I now feel somewhat safer.
• I feel a lot safer for this situation because if this was to be real, I would know what do and how to do things so I can be safe.
• I felt a lot safer practicing building a barricade. Even though it was a drill I still felt slightly scared and my adrenaline was kicking in.
• This morning I felt very nervous going into this drill. I think that the way it was presented was very nice and comforting. I also think that practicing was very helpful. I hope that we can practice again. I think that we need to be more aware of this topic in general even if it is hard.
• I feel safer now because having done it in a situation where we knew it wasn’t happening at that moment, we got to see the steps we could take to keep ourselves safe.
• I think this activity helped a lot with people understanding the seriousness of this type of situation and that it is not something to joke about.

We have great students.