A Home and School Connection to a Teaching and Learning Resource from the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

(Dr. Shari Fedorowicz)

The Massachusetts Department of Education has a comprehensive parent resource page, which is a “family-friendly guide to the standards”. This page is a wonderful bridge between understanding what we use in the schools for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment and how families can become engaged at home to help with their child’s learning. At the bottom of the page is a section called “Parent Guides” designed specifically for families.

If you click on “Parent Guides”, it takes you to the specific grade level and the standards associated with the grade you want to learn more about on the page. You will conveniently find versions in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. This guide provides grade-level appropriate questions to ask your child, and additional questions to make connections with teachers.

The purpose is to bridge learning and understanding between school and home. It provides an avenue to discuss your child’s day, and find out ways you can assist him or her with learning.