Abington Early Education Program/Pre-K

Grades: Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten

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Latest News

PTO Sponsored "Little Waves" Apparel
The Abington Early Education Program's PTO has worked with Rockland Athletics on a line of "Little Waves" apparel that is now available for purchase. Click the link to visit "Little Waves"...
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A Message from the Principal

Dear Families:

Every year, each public school and school district in Massachusetts receives a report card. Just as your child’s report card shows how he/she is doing in different subjects; the school’s report card is designed to show families how our school is doing in different areas. A link to our school’s report card is available at AEEP School Links page. Please click here for the complete AEEPschool profile letter...

In January, each student who would still be eligible for preschool/preK was sent home with paperwork to complete. Those forms included a current student emergency form, a pink FACTS Tuition Management three-page application for monthly payments, and a request for a $150. deposit. We do ask that we receive proof of occupancy at your home in Abington, such as an electric, gas or oil bill. We, to date, have received most of the forms, but not all. If it is your intention to return to AEEP, deposits, proof of residency, current physical, updated (if necessary) emergency form, and tuition payment application. Applications and other necessary documentation must be in by March 15, 2019 at the latest. If you are not sure whether you have completed all that is needed, kindly check at the front desk.

For the safety of all, please remember that passing a school bus or van when the lights are flashing is illegal. When you drop off or pick up your child, either exit around the back of the facility or using the driveway at the top (closest to Gliniwicz Way) exit. DO NOT TURN LEFT and pass any van while the lights are flashing. This will be strictly enforced and violators may be ticketed and/or fined. Thank you in advance for your compliance with this important matter.

As always, thank you for sharing your children with us here at AEEP. We are excited to be working with all of you.

Lora Monachino