Abington Early Education Program/Pre-K

Grades: Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten


2018-2019 AEEP PTO Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2018

December 11. 2018

PTO NEWS: The Abington Early Education Program’s PTO meetings are held once a month, on Wednesdays, 10:15-10:45 A.M. at the Copeland Room, Abington Public Library. Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is served. Parents can bring their children as some toys will be provided for them to play with while the meeting is underway. It is only one half hour so that those parents whose students are in that day’s a.m. session, can be out in time to pick up their children. Your input in welcomed! The next meeting is to be announced, as the day of the week may change going forward.