BRIDGE BLOCK for Engagement and Extra Help
We are pleased to announce that on Monday, October 21, 2019 Abington High School will begin our Bridge Block scheduling.  Bridge Block is 38 minutes of flexible time every day used for extra help, intervention, support, engagement, or extra time.  Bridge Block will be offered by staff as academic time. It is not an advisory. It is student driven, targeted, academic time to reinforce  what students are learning in their classes. 

     *Mentor Mondays - Student will meet with an assigned staff member to determine their schedule for the rest of the week.        (This will take place on Tuesday if there is no school on Monday.

     *Tuesdays through Fridays Bridge Block - Students will report to their assigned locations, which may be different each day,    for various types of support in their given classes. 

Bridge Block aligns to the Abington High School mission to provide a learning environment that promotes intellectual, artistic, physical, cultural, and emotional development of our students. Bridge Block also aligns with our expectations for students and Vision of the Graduate and school-wide goal of offering more individualized educational opportunity.  
Bridge Block is meant to meet the needs of all students at all levels of learning and readiness. It is a tier one strategy that supports a culture of learning and student engagement. 

Bridge Block Calendar