Jump Rope for Heart Health with Ms. Pulkinen

Our students are learning about positive life choice habits in their health and physical education classes in February. They will jump rope and engage in other exercises that are the beginning of making healthy heart choices.

We are partnered with the American Heart Association. A fundraising envelope was sent home and you can set up a personal fundraising page at Students can make a difference in people’s lives! Ask family and friends if they would like to donate. Donations will be due by Wednesday, February 28th . Please make checks payable to American Heart Association. Whether or not a donation is made, our students will know about the importance of more fruits/vegetables and less sugary drinks, as well as exercising daily.

Go to to join our school and take a healthy pledge. Then, share your heart-healthy pledge by sending 10 emails or Ecards to your family and friends and ask them to pass it on.

We know you can do this!