American Education Week will be celebrated November 13th—November 17th.
This year’s theme, “Great Public Schools: A Basic Right and Our Responsibility”,
highlights the importance of bringing together educators, school staff, parents,
students, and communities in a unified effort to build great public schools. The
theme also reflects NEA’s vision of calling upon America to provide students with
quality public schools so that they can grow, prosper, and achieve in the 21st century.
Parents, grandparents, town officials and other Abington citizens are invited to visit
between 9:15 am and 10:15 am on Thursday, November 16th. All visitors should
enter by the front door, report to the Main Office to sign in and receive a visitor’s pass
prior to going into classrooms.
Wave Week Wednesday
November 15th (8:30 am start)
School Council Meeting
November 15th @ 2:30 pm
AHS Principal’s Conference Room
1. Cocurricular/Club Fees
2. Student Handbook: Unified
Sports Club
3. SEL—Calm Classroom
4. NHS and Senior Privilege Pilot
5. Program/Budget 2018-2019
6. Next Meeting Date: December 20