The Abington Public Schools are excited to embark on a journey to transform teaching and learning by providing our grades 7-12 students with a Lenovo laptop. The additions of these devices has allowed us to increase the availability of devices district wide as well, to a 2 students to 1 device ratio from K-6.
With an initiative such as this, we would like to try and address some of the concerns and questions families may have. Many questions can be answered in the Laptop Care and Use Policy Guide (AHS Student Handbook, page 36; AMS Student Handbook, page 24) but here are some frequent questions:
Q: Can the school district video or view my child using the laptop webcam?
A: Absolutely not, the district has no hardware or software to control the laptop webcam.
Q: Is the internet on the laptops filtered?
A:  Yes, per the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), schools are required to filter internet access for their students, even if off campus. The district uses software to filter the internet as required per CIPA.
Q: Will I be responsible for damage to the device?
A: Accidents happen and APS understands that. Any damaged devices should be brought to the Library Media Center and a loaner will be provided. APS IT will examine the device and provide repair services. Any damage deemed malicious by APS IT may result in the district pursuing financial compensation.
Q: Can my child bring their own laptop to use at school?
A: No, the district is not able to provide school network folders or software to outside devices. Also, the district cannot ensure that an outside device is not infected with malware or a virus, while we have methods to be alerted if a school issued device encounters an issue.
Q: How much do the laptops cost?
A: The laptops are $400, chargers $25, bag $25, paid for as part of the new school construction project.
Q: How long will the battery last?
A: Lenovo lists the student 11e model with “up to 12 hours of battery life”. While this is an optimistic rating, battery life is affected by many factors such as screen brightness, video playback, etc. Students are expected to bring their devices to school fully charged and also bring their chargers to school. A fully charged device should last for an entire school day with normal use. In the event a device needs charging during the day, students will be allowed to charge their devices.
Q: Can the devices be location tracked?
A: Yes, the district has installed software to track laptop location to be used in the event of a lost device only.
Q: What if I have other questions?
A: On Tuesday, September 18th, 6:30PM in the auditorium at our AHS/AMS/PreK building at 201 Gliniewicz Way, APS will host a 1 to 1 Parent Information Night. Please bring any questions you may have that night!