Dear Parents/Guardians:
 It is always a good idea to review and remind your child/ren of the following safety precautions: 
  • Children should walk or bike to and from school with a friend or friends wheneverpossible.  There is safety in numbers.
  • Children should not engage with any stranger at any time.
  • If approached by a stranger, children should run and head to the nearest safe location (i.e. a neighbor's house, a store, the school, etc.)
  • If an incident does occur, children should report incidents to school authorities, theirparents, and/or the police as soon as possible.
Please review the above guidelines with your child and encourage your child to report all such incidents to you, to appropriate school staff members, or to any trusted adult.  Please call the Principal of your child's school if you have further questions or concerns.
The Abington Police Department has also published guidelines in regard to Stranger Danger and we encourage you to view and discuss this message with your child as we do in the Abington Public Schools.  For full details view this message on the Abington Police Department website at