1. All applicants will be required to complete an "Application and Permit for Use of Abington School Facilities" form. Forms for such a request can be picked up at the Office of the School Superintendent or in the main office at any school building. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide a safe environment for their group. As such, be aware that there are a small number of residents in the Town of Abington classified as sex offenders. The applicant must consult with the Abington Police Department relative to the Sex Offender Registry. The Police Department maintains and disseminates information concerning registered sex offenders in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws. Additional information is available at the Abington Police Department website ( For information concerning offenders that live or work in Abington, contact the Abington Police Department (781-878-3232).

2. Individuals or organizations wishing to use a school facility must return the application to the building principal at the school being requested for use.

3. Applications for use of school facilities should be submitted to the Superintendent’s Office according to the following annual schedule:

4. Please note that school activities may take precedence in the use of the building. On occasions, schedule changes will result in organizations not being able to use the facilities on the dates initially agreed to. The organization using the facilities should make proper provisions in the event such changes occur.

5. Under normal circumstances and subject to space availability and appropriate use, the use of indoor school facilities during an off season by local youth athletic organizations will be limited to one (1) month prior to the start of the regular season.

6. All building and fire codes must be strictly enforced.

7A. All individuals or organizations using school property must secure liability insurance covering not only the renter's liability but also the liability of the Town of Abington for any possible accidents on the property. The required minimums are $1,000,000 per occurrence with a combined single limit of $3,000,000 per occurrence involving more than one person. This insurance must cover dress rehearsals if an admission charge is made. A certificate (binder) of such liability insurance may be requested as part of the application procedure.

7B. In the event a community group is unable to provide a certificate of insurance, each participant including adult supervisors must sign an indemnification agreement and must file the same with the Park and Recreation Department or the School Department. Indemnification Forms may be picked up either at the Park and Recreation Department or school offices.
(Amended August 26, 1997, by Abington School Committee vote)

7C. School related volunteer organizations who use school facilities to conduct activities for the benefit of Abington's students and who are acknowledged by the School Department are exempt from this requirement.
(Amended December 10, 1996, by School Committee vote)

8. At least one policeman may be required to be present at all public gatherings on school property. Arrangements for this protection should be made in advance by the renter directly with the Abington Police Department. Written documentation of compliance must be submitted with the application.

9. Groups using the school and/or gym should be properly supervised by an adult or adults at all times. No youngsters will be allowed in the building without proper supervision. Participants should be told not to arrive before