Dear Green Wave Families, 
One of the many reasons I love Abington is because of its ability to be resilient and come together as a community. Ironically, in order to “come together” at this time, we need to practice Social Distancing. In doing our part, by keeping our distances, we will help our neighbors, but that does not mean we are not here for each other, we are. In the absence of seeing each other, one of the stresses is wondering if the people we care about are okay. I am encouraging everyone in our learning community and community-at-large to simply check in with each other to be sure people are doing well, send a positive message, or see if anything is needed, it certainly helps.    
The information we are receiving from our state and national educational leadership is continually changing, the information being provided today is based on the latest information we have. 
As you know, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Commissioner of Education, Jeffrey Riley has waived the 180-school day requirement.  Using all our allotted snow days, the last day of school for the Abington Public Schools will be June 19, 2020, regardless of how many school days we are closed. 
Although the traditional school day with faculty and support staff simply cannot adequately be replaced with distance learning, we do have the following supportive “Continuity of Learning” page It will continue to be organized and updated by grade level and subject area, in order to provide the best possible resources for you to access. It is always beneficial and rewarding to invest time in intellectual inquiry and growth. Students can review and explore new content.  Due to the inherent inequities of accessing online learning for all students, replacement assignments and schoolwork cannot be provided for credit, nor can it be required. DESE is not approving distance learning for time on learning. In other words, based on the guidance we have received to date, work provided to students during the shutdown cannot be used for student grades, GPAs, or report cards. It is highly likely SAT, AP, MCAS, marking periods and grading will all need to be adjusted. This is obviously a local, Massachusetts and national circumstance. In Abington, discussions and plans about the best way to adjust lessons and learning to fit the current and unprecedented situation will occur when we return.  
Most importantly, I hope this email finds you and your loved ones well. I hope you can establish a few physically and emotionally healthy and productive routines that reduce some of the stress. I have included the following from Maria Trozzi, M.Ed with healthy tips for all ages on our current circumstances   I will continue to keep you updated as best I can with whatever information I have. 
Peter Schafer 
Superintendent of Schools