Mrs. Duquette Rm. 10

This week in ELA we have been reviewing author’s point of view and summarizing. We also found out the dates for our next book reports so please be sure to pass them in on time.

In Math we had our topic 11 test on multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers. We will be moving on to topic 12 next week which is all about volume!

In Social Studies we are learning about the New England Colonies. We made a letter from a Puritan’s point of view. We talked about the government and economy in the letter.

This week in Science we have been talking about air and the layers of the atmosphere. We did a paper describing the layers.

Mrs. Johnson Rm. 11

In our reading program, we did our 6-3 spelling pretest. This week for math we continued lesson 11, this lesson is about multiplying and dividing fractions. In science we came back to our salt water and found that it had evaporated and the salt had been left behind in small cube-like shapes with an X through the middle. In social studies, we did a sway on the New England Colonies. In the sway we learned what people back then dressed like and how their chores tie into how they dress. For example, girls wore a petty coat so if they spilled hot wax or water while washing clothes and making candles, it wouldn’t burn them. Also we had the drawing to see who won principal for a day and Danica won! She will be principal on Thursday the 23rd. By: Lily McGann and Danica Shanahan 

Ms. Feeney Rm. 14

Please visit the art website link to view your child’s artwork. Enjoy some of the cool projects we have been working on here at Woodsdale!

Ms. Sherlock Room 15

This week in Math we learned how to multiply mixed numbers, fractions, and how to draw and fill in a grid with fractions. In ELA we are reading, “Dog Newspaper” by ‘Peg Kehert. We learned how to tell apart facts and opinions, how to tell the main idea, and how to use prepositional phases. In Science we learned how to separate mixtures and solution such as salt and water, diatomaceous earth and water, and gravel and water. We also read and took two column about mixtures and solutions. In Social Studies we learned about the New England Colonies, and wrote a letter from the New England Colonies to a friend in England. We told them about why we came here, the government, the economy, and more. We have just started learning about the Middle Colonies now, and after we will start to learn about the Southern Colonies. One fun activity we are doing this month is “March Madness.’’ The class voted for books to compete against each other. After the winning book has been chosen Ms. Sherlock will read that book. By: Ellie Bartholomew & Sarah Ahern

Mrs. Samsel Rm. 18

This is Nadia and Sophia coming to you this St. Patrick’s Day with the Friday News this week in room 18!  This has been an exciting week with one snow day on Tuesday! In ELA this week we learned about facts and opinions. We also learned about Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases. We learned how to identify main ideas and details. The story that we read this week was The News Paper Dog. Dr. G came in to teach us some close reading skills. In math this week we learned how to multiply mixed numbers. We are in topic 11. In Social Studies we are continuing our Middle Colonies project. We will present the projects next week. We wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and that is it for the Friday News this week.