8th grade students will be starting the course selection process for Abington High School.  Mrs. McDermod will be meeting with all 8th graders and will review the course selection process in early March.  8th grade students will be given the Freshman course offerings for the 2017-2018 Abington High School Course of Studies.  Students are asked to review this book and consider elective courses for grade 9.  8th grade teachers will be recommending students for English, Math, Science, History and World Language courses based on academic grades, MCAS/placement tests and course requirements.  At the end of March, all 8th grade students will meet with Mrs. McDermod and Guidance Counselors from Abington High School to discuss and make their elective selections.  Course selection and academic level placements will then be sent home for parent/guardian review and signature.  Mrs. McDermod is available to help any student or parent/guardian that may have questions.